Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rogue Arrow Episode 4 - An Innocent Man!

We have an email!! Sure, it's from my brother, but it's a great email and he brings up some great points.
Hate to have to beg for money, but I'm poor and there is a cost in hosting. Anything helps. We will try to keep doing the podcast until we no longer enjoy it or the show ends. Your donations will help us keep it coming out week by week. Thanks!
Check out the comics at Comixology.

All this talk about the list reminds me of Night at the Roxbury. You can't get in unless you're on the list.

10:15 to Bludhaven! Home of Nightwing after he moves on from being Robin.

The scene from Boondock Saints: 

The Spiderman reference can best be explained by this video at 3:25.

Panda Bear Grills is actually Yao Fei.

Check here for a cool web page. 

Tempest from the DCU

Image from next episode. Yao Fei fighting Deathstroke.

Colin Donnell in Wicked. His segment starts at 6:15.

Definitely go over and check out Green Arrow TV
There are lots of great videos and good source of news.

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