Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rogue Arrow Episode 2 - Honor Thy Father

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Sorry about the delay. I kinda inundated myself with podcasting things. Enjoy!

We start the episode by introducing our new cohost Laurel Merz!

We then talk about a couple things we didn't touch on in the last episode. 

Byron Ferguson shooting on Aspirin. Go to about 8 minutes for the aspirin shot. 

Take a look at some of the trick arrows from the comics!
Sorry for talking about the Kardashians. We're part of the problem now. 

Also Dinah Laurel Lance is her name. Not Laurel Dinah.

Diggle rules! David Ramsey is doing a great job as Diggle and I hope he sticks around for quite a while and we get to see more of him.

China White: Comics Vs. Arrow

Things you learn on Purgatory:
1. Hunting
2. Bow and arrow making (?)
3. Parkour
4. Russian
5. Chinese
6. Basic Explosives

How to make dynamite!



What d o you think? Would you be able to recognize him as Ollie?

Proper Archery stance. Now imagine her wearing a hood...

The look on Thea's face when Ollie gets up to talk is priceless. 

Screenshot of the list:

Danny Brickwell (Brick):

Hannibal Bates (Everyman):

Albert Davis

David Drayson (Slingshot)

And it took me way too long to edit this one so I hope you enjoy it!

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